How to create explore listings pages

With the DirectoryStack premium WordPress theme, you have access to a few different layouts that can be used to display listings on your website. The theme includes the following layouts:

  • Grid layout
  • List layout
  • Half page map
  • Fullwidth grid layout

This type of page is used to query listings from your database and display them according to various rules that you can set. The page makes use of a new "Explore listings page" widget which integrates the Listings query elementor widget.

The Explore listings page Elementor widget

The DirectoryStack theme adds a new elementor widget called "Explore listings page".

Page settings

The page settings allow you to configure the layout of the page.

Note: widgetized area does not work when the map layout is enabled.

Fullwidth: when enabled, the wrapper will extend to the fullwidth of the screen instead of being centered.

Pagination facet: please refer to the search forms addon documentation, create a pager facet and set the type of pager to "page numbers".

Top facets configuration

To setup search fields for the top bar, open the "top facets" section of the elementor widget settings and add facets through the editor. With the editor you can add as many facets you want and customize the labels.

Additional facets may be added. They will stay hidden until the "more filters" link is clicked by the user. To configure the hidden search fields, use the "additional facets" section.

Sidebar setup

The sidebar can host search fields and widgets. To add fields, click on the " Sidebar facets" area and add facets from there.

If you wish to add widgets or other custom content, you may enable a widgetized area. To do so, enable the " Show sidebar" setting, under the "layout settings" area. You can then decide which widgetized area to display.

Query configuration

It's time to configure the query that will be used to display the listings. All the query settings are the same as the "listings query" elementor widget. Please refer to the documentation here.

Cards layout configuration

The layout and content of the cards can be customize through the elementor widget. 3 Layouts are available: grid, list, simple, mini. You may also add custom fields to the card. 

Please note: while all listing custom fields will display as selectable for the card content; Not all of them are fit to be displayed inside a card.