How to import the demo content

Importing a demo site and customizing it is a great way to save you some development time. DirectoryStack demos can be installed with the help of the Pressmodo Themes Onboarding plugin. The onboarding plugin will guide you through the steps required to import a demo website.

We recommend you backup your website content before attempting a full site import. The import will replace your entire site content. For this reason the import should be done on an empty website.

Installing the onboarding plugin

Make sure you've downloaded and activated the Pressmodo Themes Onboarding plugin.

Once the onbaording plugin is activated, navigate to Appearance → Get started.

Click the "Get started" button to start the process.

Import a demo

Each WordPress theme developed by us at Pressmodo comes with a demo .zip package file that contains the required files to import a demo site through the onboarding plugin. Each demo package can be found under the "demo content" folder of the full package you download from ThemeForest.

After clicking the "get started" button, you'll be required to upload the package of the demo you wish to import.

Select the file and then press the "upload demo package" button and wait for the upload.

Required plugins installation & activation

Once the upload is successful, the process will verify that all required plugins for the chosen demo have been installed and activated, if not, plugins will be automatically downloaded and activated.

Media content import

Once all plugins have been installed and activated, you'll be asked to import media files. The media import process overwrites the content of your wp-content/uploads folder. It is recommended you make a backup before proceeding.

Due to copyright restrictions, demo images will be replaced by placeholder images.

Database import

The last remaining step is to import the demo database. The database import process will replace your site content with demo content.

When clicking the "import database" button, your site's database is destroyed and it's replaced with the demo database. 

The onboarding will then analyze the database and replace demo urls with your site real url. At the end of the process you'll be required to log back in.

Congratulations, you've successfully installed a demo site.